Exam arrangements through ODS

Before the exam

  • Submit the online Exam Accommodation Request Form no less than 5 business days (excluding holidays & weekends) before the scheduled date of the exam
  • Submit requests for final exams approximately three weeks prior to the start date of finals.
  • Monitor your email for your exam confirmation.
  • Verify the accuracy of the exam confirmation and contact the exam administrator if there are any problems (i.e change of exam date, cancellation) by emailing your ODS Exam Administrator.

During the exam

  • Arrive no later than 10 minutes prior to the start of your scheduled exam. Remember, you will need to bring a photo ID, such as your RU ID, to check-in for your exam.
    • Scheduled exam times will not be extended for late arrival
    • Student will not be allowed to sit for an exam if they arrives more than 15 minutes late.
  • Notify the Office of Disability Services as well as your professor immediately if you are no longer able to make your scheduled exam date (i.e for sudden illness).
    • It is your responsibility to reschedule examinations or to request adjustments to testing times.
    • ODS will email your professor if you do not attend your scheduled exam.
  • Bring only the materials needed for your exam
    • Items not to bring include, but are not limited to, cell phones, smart watches, iPods, MP3 players, purses, book bags, hats/ball caps, textbooks, notes etc. (unless permitted by the professor)
  • Notify the proctor if you have any questions regarding the exam.
    • If you have a question during the exam, please write out your question. Our office will attempt to contact the professor with your written note. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to reach your professor.
  • Turn in your exam at the scheduled time
  • Abide by the Rutgers Academic Integrity Policy.

Additional Exam Accommodations

Online Exams

Once a student has submitted their LOA, a student and professor can:

  • Work out the details directly, with no involvement from our office, or
  • Students can submit an exam request form to ODS, and our office can assist in setting up the exam accommodations. For those students submitting an exam request form, we email a confirmation to both the student and faculty approximately 1 week prior to the exam with information about what accommodations are needed.


  • Readers can be asked to repeat information, so do not hesitate to ask them to do so.
  • Readers will only read what is on the printed page. They cannot be asked to interpret, define, explain or reword questions.
  • Readers need your feedback to be effective. Let the reader know what method of vocal communication works best for you in terms of voice tone, rate/speed, pauses between sentences, etc.


  • Scribes will write verbatim what you have dictated. The scribe is not responsible for organizing or paraphrasing your thoughts into a final most “readable” draft.
  • Scribes are responsible for general spelling and sentence-ending punctuation. You are responsible for detailing to the scribe any spelling specific, class-related terminology or punctuation.
  • At any time during your exam, you will have the opportunity to review what the scribe has written either by reading or having it read to you.
  • If there are corrections in your exam responses, you will direct the scribe to make them. Otherwise what has been dictated by you will be turned in as is.

Use of a computer

  • You will be required to use the computers provided by the office, unless indicated otherwise in writing by the professor.
  • Once you have completed your exam we will print it out for review, and you will initial the printed exam.


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