Common Forms for ODS Students

Forms for Students Already Registered with ODS

All approved students should fill out this form, to request a Letter of Accommodations (LOA).  The LOA is utilized as the first step in implementing a student's course accommodations.

Students approved for exam related accommodations such as extended time, reduced distraction testing locations, use of a scribe/reader, etc. should use this form to request our office to proctor your exams. This form is not used by RBHS students.

Students approved for note taking services such as note takers, use of a digital recorder, or use of a smartpen should use this form to request a note taker in their class.

Students approved for alternate format text or course materials as an accommodation for a course should fill out this form.

Students approved for CART services or ASL should fill out this form to request services in their classes or other university-sponsored events and activities.

Students from ODS New Brunswick approved for table and chair accommodations for a course should fill out this form.  ODS students from other Rutgers campuses should contact their ODS Coordinator regarding this accommodation.

Forms for Students Not Registered with ODS

Students or parents looking for more information about our office should fill out this form.

Students looking to register with our office to receive accommodations should fill out this form.

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