Getting Started with ASL/CART


If you are approved for ASL/CART, or Captioning services you can submit your requests through our ASL/CART Request Form. Those looking to register for accommodations should visit our Registration Page to learn more.


All students approved for ASL, CART or Captioning should follow the steps below to ensure they have their accommodations in place for all of their courses, meetings, and events:

Setting up a meeting with Allyson Paduano, ASL/CART specialist


Alyson coordinates all of the services for our d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. She will be your point of contact for all of your ASL/CART or Captioning Services while at Rutgers. Allyson is fluent in American Sign Language. If that is your preferred method of communication please indicate that when scheduling your meeting (see link above).

Useful Information before your meeting

  • Those new to services, many not understand a lot of the terminology that has been used. CART - or Communication Access in Real time Translation - is live captioning done by a human interpreter. This shows up similarly to close captions you would see on TV.
  • Rutgers University offers many services including, but not limited to: In person and Remote Live Captioning (CART Services), In person or remote ASL interpreting, Professional Captioning on all videos as well as assistance with Audio devices like FM systems.

Attending your meeting

Once you have scheduled your meeting, you will receive information on how to attend. For reference you can find information on how to log into your zoom session (if virtual) or how to get to our office (if in person), on our  [attending your meeting with Allyson] page


Submit your request as early as possible.

All request for services should be submitted through our online ASL/CART Request Form or Captioning Request Form.



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