Information for Vendors providing ASL/CART Services remotely

Rutgers utilizes several live conferencing tools. In order to provide you with up to date information, regarding every class session, we would like to ask that you follow the steps below. This will ensure that we are able to give you access to the course so that you log in to the conferencing tool, much like any other student.

Step 1: Request a Guest NetID

  • Please go to the Guest Request System
  • On the left hand side, please click on 'Submit a Request as a new Guest'
  • Fill out the form, with your actual name. Under Sponsor Email Address please use:, and Jason Khurdan as the sponsor's first and last name.
  • Please send me an email to once you have completed this step.

Very Important: When you fill out the form, you cannot do so on behalf of your organization. You will need to provide your actual first and last name, along with other information the form requires. Rutgers will deny any requests that are not linked to an actual person.


Step 2: Obtaining access to the course LMS

Once you have been approved for a guest NetID, our office will communicate with the instructor to have you added to the course. In some instances, the instructor may not be able to add you directly. Should we need additional information, we will reach out to you.


Rutgers preferred arrangements

If you are providing Remote ASL, we have asked professors to utilize Zoom. Please see our instructions on setting up Remote ASL on Zoom.


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