ASL/CART for Events

It is important that all events are accessible to individuals with disabilities. To learn more about best practices, please see our page on creating accessible events.

(Free) Open Access vs. Paid Services

There are a lot of free applications that provide automated captioning. These tools have come a long way, and currently provide a 75%-85% accuracy rate. You should only use a free service, If you do not have an individual who is d/Deaf or Heard of Hearing attending your event. Not all automated tools functions the same, and so if you are using a free service, we recommend the following:


If you are are hosting a large or high profile event, like convocation, we recommend you utilize a paid service. The form below will provide you contact information based on  your needs. If there is not an individual that has requested American Sign Language, we recommend in most cases providing real time captioning. Not all individuals who are d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing speak Sign Language. Aside for being a lot more affordable, real time captioning allows for a large number of individuals to benefit from this.


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