Adding Extra Time on Exams/Quizzes in a Learning Management System

Below are instructions on how to add extra time on your online exam/quiz within Canvas, Blackboard, Sakai and Moodle.


Video Instructions on how to create an Exam and Survey in Canvas.

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Step-by-step instructions on how to provide extended time for exam/quizzes for one or more students.

NOTE: Make sure to scroll down on the page to "Moderate Quiz" and "Moderate Quiz for Multiple Users" for adding extended time for more than one student at once.

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Step-by-step instructions on how to moderate a quiz for each student in your course once a quiz has been published.

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Step-by-Step instructions and Video Tutorial on how to extend time for exams and quizzes.

NOTE: This same method can be used for one or more students at a time.

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Third-Party Sites

If you are using a third party site, like MyMathLab or McGraw Connect please reach out to, and we can assist you further based on that platform.

Need Help?

Canvas Support

Website: Canvas Support Center (Links to an external site.)
Phone: 877-361-1134 (Available 24/7)

Blackboard Support

Website: BlackBoard Faculty Support (Links to an external site.)
Phone: 973-353-1713




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