Letter of Accommodations

Only students approved for accommodations may submit a request. For questions regarding the registration process visit our Registration Page.
Submit your LOA: Once approved for accommodations, your next step is to request your LOA, every semester for each course you need the accommodations and provide them to your professor.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Letter of Accommodation?

How do I request my Letter of Accommodation?

How do I submit my letter of accommodation to my professors?


What is a Letter of Accommodations?

A Letter of Accommodations (LOA) is a document provided by the Office of Disability Services that explains to faculty the reasonable accommodations to be provided to a student. The Letter of Accommodations is given to students who have met all of the following criteria:

  • Submitted appropriate documentation to verify their disability.
  • Met with a representative from the Office of Disability Services.
  • Has been approved by Rutgers as an individual with a disability by the Office of Disability Services.
  • Are eligible to receive reasonable accommodations at Rutgers University.

The letter contains course accommodations recommended by the Office of Disability Services based on the student's disability. The LOA is often the first step in receiving accommodations.  Students may need to implement each accommodation by filling out the appropriate accommodation form (e.g., exam accommodation form, note-taking form, alternative text format, Assistive Technology form, ASL/CART form etc.).  The forms assist ODS in implementing accommodations for students.  Since students have the ability to choose which accommodations they would like to utilize throughout a semester, filling out the appropriate accommodation form (e.g., exam form, 

How do I request my Letter of Accommodations?

Students who have been approved to receive a letter of accommodations must submit a Letter of Accommodations Request Form. Every student seeking course accommodations is required to fill out the LOA Form every semester they require accommodations. 

How do I submit my Letter of Accommodations to my professors?

It is the student’s responsibility to submit their Letter of Accommodation (LOA) to their professor(s). The student can provide their LOA to their professor in person or via email as an attachment. We encourage each student to request confirmation when submitting LOA via email.

It is important that the student and professor have a clear understanding of what is agreed upon regarding the use and implementation of these accommodations.

Students are encouraged to submit their LOA to their professor as early in the semester as possible.  However, it should be understood that under some circumstances (e.g.., student was approved for accommodations later in the semester, student was recently diagnosed) the student may submit their letter later in the semester.

Students with questions regarding their Letters of Accommodations should contact their coordinator. 

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