Using Zooms Automated Captions

Automated Captions are now available for all Rutgers Zoom accounts. Once activated by the host, all users will have the opportunity to benefit from this feature.

Activating Automated Captions

To activate the automated captions for users, the host will need to start closed captioning. To do so:

  1. After launching your meeting, click on the Live Transcript button, located at the bottom of the zoom window (next to Record).

    Zoom Navigation bar- listing Security, Participants, Polls, Chat, Share Screen, Record, Live Transcript, Breakout Rooms, Support, Reactions
  2. A menu will appear, click on Enable Auto-Transcription 
    Closed captioning Menu, Enable Auto-Transcription is the last button under Live Transcript


Automated Captions will now appear for all users. Participants may opt to hide them, or view them as a transcript from the same Live Transcript menu.

Toggling captions on and off

Once you have activated captions, the host can hide them for themselves by clicking the upward arrow need to the 'CC Live Transcript' button.

CC Live Transcript Button for users

Participants can click on the 'CC Live transcription' button to toggle captions on and off.


If you need assistance, please contact the OIT Help Desk.

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