Camden Exam Accommodation Process

Only students approved for accommodations may submit a request. For questions regarding the registration process visit our Registration Page.


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For questions, or assistance, please reach out to:

Gabrielle Land, MA
Program Coordinator
P: (856) 225-6954
Office: Paul Robeson Library, Office 133

Step 1: Approval and LOA

  • Student is approved for testing accommodations
  • Student should submit their LOA request form for each course they plan to utilize their exam accommodations. 
  • The LOA is sent directly to the professor for each course the student requested accommodations.  The LOA is delivered to the professor through a faculty portal. 
  • Student is still responsible to communicate with their professors, instructors, teaching assistants regarding the plan to utilize the exam accommodations listed for each course and how will the exam accommodations be implemented. 
  • Student should leave the communication/meeting with an understanding of whether the instructor will administer your exams or ODS Exam Services will administer your exams.
  • The student can work out the details directly with their professor, instructor or TA, with no involvement from our office, or follow the next steps below to have ODS administer the exam accommodations.

Step 2: Exam Request Form

  • Student fills out the exam request form if ODS will administer the exam accommodations.
  • Students should submit an exam request form to ODS no later 5 business days in advance with necessary proctoring information (class before/after, location, instructor, etc.)

  • Students are instructed to schedule at the same time of the class, except if there are conflicts with extended time
  • If there are time conflicts with class and extended time, the student is responsible for reaching out to the instructor to find a mutually agreed upon time to take the exam

Step 3: Request Confirmation

  • ODS sends out confirmation emails to both students and instructor for both in-person and online testing
    • Student is ask to reach out to ODS if they do not see a request confirmation email within a week of the upcoming exam
  • Testing location is arranged (in-person testing)
  • Proctoring schedule is completed (in-person testing)
  • Testing materials are obtained and packaged with relevant information on cover letter (student, classm instructor, test instructions, accommodations, etc.), for in-person testing
  • Needs material for AT LEAST 24 hours in advance (in-person testing)

Step 4: Testing Day

  • Students arrive to testing location and review policy of cellphones turned off/silenced and put away (in person testing)
  • Proctor reviews pre-approved testing materials allows (e.g., note cards, calculators, etc.) as well as testing time (in-person testing)
  • Student is to go back to class as indicated by instructor, unless instructed otherwise (in-person testing)
  • Students must arrive on time during their scheduled time and students who are more than 30 minutes late will need to speak with their professor about how to proceed.

Step 5: Sent Materials

  • Testing materials/scrap paper is scanned and emailed to instructors same day unless specified otherwise (in-person testing)
  • Exams also available for pickup from the Office of Disability Services, located in the Paul Robeson Library. Monday-Friday from 8:30AM-5:00PM (in-person testing)


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