Camden Exam Accommodation Process

Only students approved for accommodations may submit a request. For questions regarding the registration process visit our Registration Page.


Photo of Gabby Jones

For questions, or assistance, please reach out to:

Gabrielle “Gabby” Jones, M.S.
Accommodation Administrator
Armitage Hall, Room 231
P. 856-225-6954

Step 1: Approval and LOA

  • Student is approved with testing accommodations and requests LOAs
  • LOAs are distributed to instructor by student (in-person or via e-mail attachment)

Step 2: Exam Request Form

  • Student fills out request form on ODS homepage:
  • MUST be filled out 5 business days in advance with necessary proctoring information (class before/after, location, instructor, etc.)
  • Students are instructed to schedule at the same time of the class, except for if there are conflicts with extended time
  • If there are time conflicts with class and extended time, the student is responsible for reaching out to the instructor to find a mutually agreed upton time to take the exam

Step 3: Request Confirmation

  • ODS sends out confirmation emails to both students and instructor for both in-person and online testing
    • Student is ask to reach out to ODS if they do not see a request confirmation email within a week of the upcoming exam
  • Testing location is arranged (in-person testing)
  • Proctoring schedule is completed (in-person testing)
  • Testing materials are obtained and packaged with relevant information on cover letter (student, classm instructor, test instructions, accommodations, etc.), for in-person testing
  • Needs material for AT LEAST 24 hours in advance (in-person testing)

Step 4: Testing Day

  • Students arrive to testing location and review policy of cellphones turned off/silenced and put away (in person testing)
  • Proctor reviews pre-approved testing materials allows (e.g., note cards, calculators, etc.) as well as testing time (in-person testing)
  • Student is to go back to class as indicaited by instructor, unless instructed otherwise (in-person testing)

Step 5: Sent Materials

  • Testing materials/scrap paper is scanned and emailed to instructors same day unless specified otherwise (in-person testing)
  • Exams also available for pickup from Armitage 244 M-F 8:30AM-5:00PM (in-person testing)


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