Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking by Nuance has become the leader in Speech to Text and Speech Command. They offer several different products, each which have been enhanced to fulfill a specific need. It is important you review the specification of each product to choose the right one for you.

Speech Command

It is recommended by Nuance to use Dragon Professionals Individual license for the desktop. This version has been optimize to control common operations on your computer. Specific software may require macros. For assistance with setting up macros or using Dragon Professional, Nuance offers support free for the first 90 days.

Speech to Text

In most cases Dragon Anywhere, which is the cloud based version of Dragon Naturally Speaking, will allow you to do speech to text on both your desktop and mobile device. This is the preferred method for mobile. For users who need a more advanced dictionary, Dragon also offers Dragon Legal (recommended for Law Students) and Dragon Medical (recommended for students in a medical program). Some of these programs may only be available as a cloud based option.

Mac Users

Dragon Naturally Speaking is no longer supported on Apples mac products. While there are vendors still selling older versions of the software, it may not be fully supported in the latest Mac OS. Nuance does offer a version for IOS devices, and has stated they are committed to continue to develop on the IOS platform. For Mac OS users looking to do speech to text, Apple includes Dictation built into its devices.


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