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Mac OS- Laptop and desktop resources

If you are using an Apple laptop or iMac device the following items are useful for you to download and trial before classes start. Apple by default has many accessibility tools built into your device and requires no additional downloads. In some cases these tools are better then software available online. In those cases, where we felt it there was an equal or better solution we provided that information below along side the native IOS software.


Text-to-Speech (TTS) Reader

To enable the built in TTS reader,

  1. Hold down Command and press the Space bar. This will open the spot light search.
  2. Type 'Accessibility' into the search tool and click enter
  3. Select Speech
  4. Check off "Speak selected text when key is pressed". (You can change the command key, but we recommend you leaving it the same).

Once you enable this feature, it will remain enabled until you turn it off.

To utilize this tool simply select any text on your computer. Then click Alt + Esc. Your computer will start to read the selected text. To stop it reading, click Alt + Esc again.


Speech to Text

To Enable the built in Dictation tool:

  1. Press the 'fn' key twice. The first time you open this tool it will confirm you want to use dictation, click OK.

To utilize this tool simply open any document editing software, like Word, and press 'fn' twice again. A microphone will appear along side the word document. You can begin speaking your paper. You can find common commands for dictating text on the Apple Website.


Zoom functions

To enable the Zoom function

  1. Hold down Command and press the Space bar. This will open the spot light search.
  2. Type 'Accessibility' into the search tool and click enter
  3. Select Zoom
  4. Check off "Use Keyboard shortcuts to Zoom"

Under Zoom Style you can choose either Full Screen (default) for Picture in Picture. The First magnifies your entire screen, and the latter functions like a magnifying glass, and only magnifies the area over your mouse.

To utilize this tool, press Alt + Command + 8. This will activate the tool.

  • Zoom in: Alt + Command + =
  • Zoom out: Alt + Command + -
  • Toggle Smooth images: Alt + Command + \

Important Notes:

We do not recommend you select 'Speak items under pointer'. If you require text to speech support, in addition to magnification, we have found that Voice Overs gestures works better in conjunction with the Mac Zoom. To enable gesture mode for Voice Over, press Command + F5 (to enable Voice Over), and on your mouse pad with 2 fingers pretend you are rotating a dial to the right. Your computer will announce you have activated gesture mode.


WebEx Meetings

We recommend you utilize the desktop application, and not the browser when on WebEx meeting. We do not recommend you go to the Apple Store to find and download WebEx. The application in the Apple Store is not the correct WebEx client. Rather, you will need to go to the Cisco WebEx Downloads website directly. Under WebEx Meetings, click Download for macOS.


Zoom meetings

Similar to WebEx, we found that Zoom works best on the desktop application. To download, go to Zooms Download Center on their website.





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