Note Taking Express



NTE Hub is a full-featured note-taking suite backed by a talented human note taker service. Choose to take your own notes within the platform or send your audio files to a note-taker to accelerate your note-taking workflow.

You'll also have access to your notes across all your devices on our platform.


If you are registered with the Office of Disability Services and looking to utilize this as an accommodation please be sure to speak with your campus’ ODS Coordinator.

Feature list

  • Windows, Mac, Web Browsers, Mobile (through web)


  • Record Lectures through your Laptop or mobile device
  • Ability to upload recordings, powerpoints, and any other class materials
Avg Turn- Around:
  • 24 hours

Suggested Training/Videos

Logging into the NTEHub

Recording a class

Start recording

Upload a recording

Change Password

Review a project

NTEHub Mobile App

Uploading Online Recordings to NTE:

For students approved for use of NTE, who would like to upload the recordings or videos please visit our web page on Audacity and OBS


If you have questions or need support using this assistive technology, send us an email at or schedule an online support call..


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