AFT Request Process

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  1. The student confirms their course materials by searching their syllabus and/or the online schedule of classes (linked on RADR’s “How to find the books required for my class?” page).
  2. Log onto RADR’s “Finding Your Textbooks in Electronic Formats” page.
  3. The student searches for their course materials as explained in steps four and five.
  4. Student searches Bookshare ( If the book is available, the student can download it directly ending the AFT process for this book.
    • If the book is not available, continue to the next step.
    • We recommend downloading the book as a Word doc.
    • If the downloaded Bookshare book does not meet the students’ needs, the student can submit an AFT request as described in step six. The file may not meet a student’s needs if images are not included, for example.
  5. If the book is not available on Bookshare, the student then should search AccessText. If the book is available, the student can download it directly ending the AFT process for this book.
  6. If the book is not available directly to the through Bookshare or AccessText, the student should then complete RADR’s AFT Request Form.
    • We recommend NetID log in for the AFT Request form as the students personal and course information will be automatically imported into the form.
    • If a student requests a book from RADR, they must provide proof of ownership. See guidelines below:
      • Proof of ownership can be shown through any document that shows that the requested book has been bought or received by the student. Such documents include receipts, purchase history page, along with shipping and delivery notices.
      • If the requested book is purchased privately (i.e. from a friend or classmate), the requester and the person they are purchasing the book from should create a simple receipt including the books information, price, and date of sale. That receipt should be submitted through the AFT Request Form as proof of ownership.
      • If the requested book is available through any Rutgers library or e-reserves the student should copy and then paste the link to where the book is available in the “comments or Questions” box located at the bottom of the form. The student does not have to show that they physically checked out the book if available through the library.
  7.  Once available, RADR will upload the requested book, in the format the student indicated on the request form, to the student’s shared Box folder. Requested books are usually available to the student within two weeks of request submission. Some books take longer. As a result, RADR recommends that AFT requests be submitted as early as possible, ideally once the student obtains their finalized book list.


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