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Disability. There are so many stigmas surrounding that ten letter word. I personally was labeled with a “disability” in first grade. Dyslexia was my disability and although I had absolutely no idea what that word even meant,I remember feeling embarrassed. I was ashamed that I was different than all of my friends and had to be pulled out of class for subjects like Math and English. School never came easy to me and it still does not at 26 years of age. I believe that disability should be part of diversity because my disability is what makes me the hard worker that I am today. I currently am in the ABS Nursing Program, which is taking me longer than planned, but I am realizing that I am learning at my own pace and my accommodations are helping me every step of the way. I used to be embarrassedto speak about my disability, but now I feel that it is so important to raise awareness and normalize our differences because if we all can feel more comfortable in our own skin than mayberemoving that factorof embarrassment from the equation can make a difference.