Faculty Accessibility Resources

As courses are moved to an online environment, we have developed faculty resources for accessible online learning to provide the most critical accessibility and accommodation considerations when moving courses, content and assessments from in-person to online formats in a constrained time frame.  The University has also created overall faculty resources as they move to the online environment.

Faculty are encouraged to reach out to the student's ODS Coordinator that signed the Letter of Accommodation or simply contact the Office of Disability Services at your Rutgers campus if you have questions or concerns related to a student's accommodation needs in a course. 

For technology questions related to providing accommodations for students with disabilities, faculty can connect with us by using our Support Call form that will allow faculty to submit technology-related questions, issues or concerns related to providing accommodations for students with disabilities for any Rutgers University course. 

Additional accessibility considerations may be required based on the specific accommodation needs of a student in their course(s). We have developed a faculty training module for providing information about working with students with disabilities.  Please visit our Faculty Quick Links and Faculty Resources pages for more in-depth information on disability topics. Also, we have many resources on this web site for faculty including:


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