Extended Time in Pearson's MyMathLab and MyStatsLab

To extend the time limit on an exam or quiz in Pearson's MyMathLab or MyStats lab before students start an assignment

For the entire class:

  1. From the Assignments list, click the assignment title.
  2. On the Overview page, click Edit Grading and Presentation Settings in the Actions box. View image.

  3. On the Basic tab, change the time limit under Assignment Has a Time Limit, and then click Save.

For one or more students:

  1. From the Assignments list, click the assignment title.
  2. Click Adjust Settings per Student in the box on the left of the assignment Overview page. View image.

  3. In the Available Students list, click a student's name or Ctrl+click several names, and then click >>.
  4. Under Assignment Time Limit, either click Time allowed (minutes) and enter a new limit, or select No time limit.
  5. Click Save.

Creating an Exam

Below is a video tutorial on how to make an exam in MyMathLab.

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