Visitors with Disabilities

Rutgers University is committed to providing equal access, full participation and inclusion of individuals of all abilities within the University's programs, activities or services. If you are a visitor to any Rutgers campus or program, please review the following information and resources below.

Parking and Transportation:

Accessible Parking

  • All patrons (students, faculty, staff, visitor, vendor) who require accessible parking either temporary or permanent, to park in university parking areas must obtain a valid Rutgers parking permit. The parking permit you will receive and the respective fee is determined by:
    • Your affiliation – i.e. student, faculty, staff, visitor, vendor
    • Your time spent on campus – i.e. commuter, resident, night commuter, temporary employee, faculty/staff
  • Patrons with permanent disabilities must present a copy (front and back) of a state issued Permanently Disabled ID and placard to the Rutgers Department of Transportation Services. A valid Rutgers parking permit is required in addition to the state placard.

  • Patrons with temporary disabilities must present a copy (front and back)  of a state issued Temporary Disabled ID  to the Rutgers Department of Transportation Services. Disability parking privileges will coincide with the expiration date of the placard OR the treating physician must submit a Certification for Medical Need Form to continue past the expiration date. A valid Rutgers parking permit is required in addition to the state placard.

  • For patrons that do not have a permanent or temporary state issued placard, they must:

Visitor Parking 

  • Looking for parking? Visit this site to learn more about student visitor permits, department one day visitor permits and other ways to park on campus.

Campus Shuttles  

  • Learn more about our inter-campus bus and shuttle system, available for all members of the university community. The Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) at Rutgers provides a comprehensive transit system which serves all Rutgers campuses. Most buses are equipped to handle individuals with mobility impairments and have low entrance steps and/or mechanical platforms for wheelchair accessibility.

Accessible Parking for Football Games at High Point Stadium -

  • Accessible parking and ADA shuttle services are available for our guests with a disability in order to enjoy their game day experience at High Point Stadium. For all other athletic or sporting events, please refer to the individual web site for accessible parking and transportation to these events.

Reasonable Accommodations for Visitors:

While many venues may be readily accessible, specific reasonable accommodations do require planning on the part of the University program or activity (e.g., an ASL interpreter, Computer Aided Realtime Captioning, accessible technology or equipment, or unique needs of an individual).

To ensure that reasonable accommodations can be made for an event, program or service in a timely manner, the individual requesting the accommodation should contact the host of the event or the event department listed within the event or program announcement.  Requests for reasonable accommodations should be made prior to the event. Some reasonable accommodations require planning time to arrange the appropriate accommodations, so please contact the event host with enough time to make the appropriate arrangements in a timely manner. If needed, the event planner or department will work with Rutgers Access and Disability Resources regarding requests for accommodations to ensure the appropriate accommodations are in place for the event, program or activity.  For more information and to report barriers to facilities, transportation, parking or safety, see the information below. 


If you experience any of the following barriers, please contact Facilities for support:

  • Outdoor lights are out, pavement is broken, etc.
  • Academic building is locked.
  • Elevator is broken.
  • Accessible door opener does not work.
  • Snow/ice removal is needed.


Phone number: 848-445-1234


If you experience any of the following barriers, please contact Transportation Services for support:

  • Problems with buses.
  • Additional parking needed.
  • Questions about where to park and accessible parking.


Phone: 848-932-7744


If you experience any of the following barriers, please contact RUPD for support:

  • An academic building is locked.
  • Car battery is dead.
  • Accessible parking is blocked.
  • Evacuation support needed during an emergency.


Phone: Emergency 9-1-1, Non-Emergency 732-932-7211

University Compliance Hotline

The Rutgers Compliance Hotline is available to accept reports anonymously 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 833-RU-ETHICS or Report a violation or concern online.

If you are not sure how to report a concern, or are not even sure if a concern is worth reporting, you may call University Ethics and Compliance, at (973) 972-8000. Our office can offer guidance as to the most appropriate reporting mechanism.

Reporting specifically for the Protection of Minors and Title IX violations have separate reporting portals:

Protection of Minors

Title IX (Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct)

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