How to Access WebEx with JAWS

Joining the Meeting

Below are the instruction on how to join your WebEx meeting. Please note:  first time users may experience WebEx trying to download an app. You can choose to download the app (and run it afterward) or you can navigate to the 'open in browser' link. Once WebEx loads you'll follow the stesp blow.

  1. You'll hear "Your full name edit, type in text." Type in your name and press tab
  2. You'll hear "Email edit, type in text". Type in your email address and press tab
  3. You'll hear "Next button, to active press spacebar". Press Spacebar
  4. You'll hear will you " wants to use your microphone use your camera", click tab and you'll hear allow. Press space.
  5. You'll hear "frame, show me what's new". Press tab and you'll hear "skip". Press space bar
  6. You'll hear "join meeting button, to active press space bar". Your microphone and camera will be on by default. Press shift + tab to select the camera button and turn off the camera. Press shift +  tab again to select your microphone and turn off your audio. On the meeting button, Press the space bar to join the meeting.

Using Webex Commands

The following commands will help you navigate once you are in WebEx.

Mute/Unmute yourself-

Ctrl + M


Using the Chat

  1. Open the command window by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Q. You may have to do this twice. You'll hear it say voice check (or not checked).
  2. Click tab until you hear "Chat not checked," then press the space bar to activate the chat window.
  3. Press F6 to navigate to the details pane
  4. Press Crtl + Tab to go to the chat. You'll hear "Chat uncollapse, press space bar to collapse".
  5. Press tab to go to the select 'Message To; option. This is who you would like to send a message to. The default is to everyone.
  6. Press tab again to go to the edit box, this is where you can write your message. Click enter to send.
  7. Press tab again, and it will bring you to the chatbox itself. Use your up and down buttons to navigate through the chatbox.

**Troubleshooting tip: If JAWS decides to stop talking, or doesn't read the chatbox: Press INSERT + J, then Alt F4 to close JAWS. Then press your windows key, type in JAWS and press enter. JAWS will restart and then will work as intended.

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