How to Use Kaltura to create videos -- and add Captions

Using Kaltura

For recording lectures, we recommend using Kaltura. See the TLT site for detailed tutorials on how to use Kaltura.

Recording your lectures

We recommend using Capture space to record your lecture. Watch this tutorial on how to use Kaltura's Personal Capture to create voiced over videos, screen recordings, and more.

Editing Captions

Once you have created your videos and uploaded them to Kaltura, to add captions:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on your name and select My Media
  3. Next to your video (On the right-hand side), will be a grey pencil icon. Click on this to edit the video
  4. Click on Captions
  5. Click on Edit Captions
  6. You will see a 4 column worksheet. This will include a Checkbox, Start Time, End Time, and Automated Captions. You can click on the start and end time to edit when the caption appears on the screen. Clicking on the caption will allow you to edit the captions that appear. If you click the play button it will scroll through the captions at they would appear to the student. Edit these items as necessary.
  7. Click Save.

These changes will now appear in the video you shared to Canvas. 

Changing playback speed in Kaltura:

When recording in Zoom, there is a speed control for increasing speed, but not decreasing.  There is a feature in Kaltura that allows you to control the play back speed of a video (increase and decrease speed).  For more information on this feature go to the following external link: How to change display and playback speed of media in Kaltura

Sharing your video to Canvas

  1. Click on your name and select My Media
  2. Click on the vide you wish to share
  3. Click the Share tab under the video
  4. Click Embed
  5. Copy and paste the code into your page on Cavas or Sakai


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