d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Inclusion Matters! A Sensitivity Training Workshop

This training is part of the Classroom Inclusivitiy Series. Participants who successful complete the training will be awarded credit in competency 2 towards their badge.


This training will provide you with what you need to know when teaching a d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing student. You will leave with a better understanding of:

  • Deaf Culture
  • Appropriate Language use
  • Common Accommodations and how to facilitate them
  • Resources for providing captioning and ways it can help all students
  • Top things students wished professors knew prior to starting their course
  • Top things to do, to dramatically improve the accessibility, and experience of d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in your course
  • How to infuse inclusive teaching practice and language to better promote a Deaf friendly environment

All participants will receive the recording of their training after the meeting, along with a checklist of items to help build a more inclusive course, whether in-person, hybrid, or remote.

Register Below

We will be hosting the workshop once a month, to register click on the date/time below.

January 30, 2024 from 1PM -2PM ET

February 20, 2024 from 1PM -2PM ET

March 26, 2024 from 1PM -2PM ET

April 16, 2024 from 1PM -2PM ET

May 21, 2024 from 1PM - 2PM ET

If you require accommodations for this workshop please send an email to ap2064@echo.rutgers.edu.  

Fun 'facts' about the Presenters

Allyson Hart Cook

Allyson Hart Cook,  ASL/CART Specialist

Certified hot-air balloon conductor. Allyson oversees the coordination of all American Sign Language and Communication Access in Real-time Translation.

Josyln Salitario

Joslyn Solitario, Accommodation Assistant

One of the last Silbadors in the world. She assists Allyson with the coordination of ASL/CART services.

Dena Novak

Dena Novak, Teaching and Learning with Technology - Assistant Director

First place medalist in NJ amateur thumb wrestling. Dena works for TLT helping faculty make courses with Universal Design in mind.

Jason Khurdan

Jason Khurdan, Manager of Digital Accessibility

The last Time Lord, and amateur horologist. Jason oversees the Office of IT Accessibility.